Thursday, March 26, 2009


My short "Partings" is up in Issue 2 of The Legendary. I hope you enjoy. Congratulations and well done to editors Jim Parks and Katie Moore.


  1. Each story draws a very clear picture of that moment for you and this was lovely for me to take a peek into your life.

  2. This reminds me of my friend Liz's poem about her own children. The final stanza says it all:
    But there is a world to attend to

    terrible news and sorrows

    Mothers everywhere wonder:

    She can run now,

    she can feed herself.

    Is it enough?

    It IS a choice to actually love your kids all the way, knowing that they will leave. Some of us can't manage it, so brava to the mother in your story, and you.

  3. "Is it enough?" I love that. Brava to all of us who love as many people as we can, as often as we can.