Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where The Grass Is Greener

I don't know the science, and doubt there is any beyond perspective, but the grass truly does seem greener in Ireland. I'm going. To Ireland. For three weeks. And three days. The dates just came out that way. My two daughters are ecstatic. They love Ireland. It's a little more complicated for me. I'm going with a good attitude, though. That can only help.

I can't wait to see my two sisters. They're twins. We're going to get away together for two nights, just the three of us. Like old times. Only better. We're adults now. We're staying at The Four Seasons in Carlingford Lough. I've never visited Carlingford Lough. I've never stayed at a Four Seasons. The rate for two nights with breakfast and an evening dinner is 99 Euro per person (that's about $130). I think there's been some mistake. Shhhhhh. I hope we get away with it. I'm bringing my swimsuit and sneakers. I'll probably just end up in the bar.

My access to the internet will be spotty over there. I'll miss Zoetrope, Fictionaut, and Blogsville. I'll miss my writing desk and writing every day. Maybe absence will be good :-) Mostly, I'll miss all of you. Feel free to contact me, especially with any submission acceptances-- sorry I couldn't resist that.

I have work going live this week at PANK Magazine (thanks, Roxane); The Northville Review (another class act, thank you, Erin); and Cantaraville (thrilled, Cantara Christopher, go raibh mile a maith agat). I'm also (ahem) on display now at OCHO 25 (the print companion to MiPOesias Magazine) edited by Blake Butler extradonaire. Thanks, Blake.

I'm back in San Francisco August 5th. Until then, take care, be well, and happy writing and living.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Long Live The Short Story Online

Slush Pile Magazine just launched Issue 3 featuring Billy Collins, Rick Rofihe, Marian Brunn Smith, and David Thorpe, among other wonderful writers, editors, and poets.

Roland Goity's--Editor, LitNImage-- story "Green Lake" is a must read. A story that is as much a wonderful portrayal of place as it is of people. More, its narrator has such a vivid and compelling voice I literally couldn't look away.

"Green Lake" is packed with wit, humor, and excellent dialogue, and is also quite moving. The work explores issues of rivalry, friendship, creativity, fame, success, everyman, love, loss, urban versus small town America, and striking out on one's own. Phew! It accomplishes a lot, and I challenge anyone to read it and still claim that longer stories are not suited to online magazines and its readership. Congratulations, Roland. I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

Indeed, I enjoyed the entire issue -- truly impressive works. Congratulations also go to M. R. Branwen, Slush Pile's Editor, an incredibly savvy, accomplished, and admirable young woman. Kudos also to her wonderful editorial team. It takes a village, right?

Speaking of LitNImage, their Summer Issue just launched. My story "Zero To Sixty" is included. Thanks, Roland.

Update on the Universe and me: at the start of the month, my birthday month, I asked the Universe (quoting from a Roxane Gay story) to "please come and get me," i.e. to show up for my writing and me. Seven days into the month I've had acceptances from Keyhole Magazine (online), Southpaw Journal, and Up The Staircase, sweet! Thank you, Universe. Please keep the acceptances coming. Did I also receive rejections? Mais d'accord.

Friday, July 3, 2009

This And That

I finished The Field Guild To Writing Flash Fiction (Rose Metal Press), and highly recommend it. It's packed with excellent essays, exercises, and example stories. I'm almost finished PANK's exquisite # 3, and am just about to dive into keyhole Issue 7.

Have you subscribed to your favorite lit mag lately? As writers and contributors, we need to support the publications that nourish and publish us. Also have you pre-ordered Molly Gaudry's novella we take me apart from ml press yet?

My short "The Fat Lady Sings" came out of the first exercise in The Field Guide and is currently live at Everyday Genius. Adam Robinson, Editor, sent me one of the nicest acceptance letters I've ever received. Thanks, Adam! We love Publishing Genius Press and Everyday Genius.

I'm in Keyhole (online) too, thank you Universe and Peter Cole. I'm psyched.

I also have work currently in mud luscious, Writers' Bloc, The Oddville Press, and The Houston Literary Review.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well Of A Wednesday

It's the first of July. The month of my birth. I'm asking the universe for a lot from this month. I actually asked using Roxane Gay's line from her wonderful story in The Foundling Review "please come and get me." Not take me, get me. I need to know the universe is with my writing and me.

June ended well with Steve Himmer at (So New) Necessary Fiction accepting a story. How much do I love that magazine, how greatly do I admire its contributors? That'd be a long post. Suffice to say I'm thrilled with the acceptance. There's so many people in our community I'd like to meet, to reach out through cyberspace and hug, Steve Himmer is one. He's an incredibly talented and generous editor, and seems like such a great human being. Thank you, Steve.

So, I'm grateful, and trying not to be too greedy, but I humbly repeat to the universe: it's July, it's my month of sorts, "please come and get me."