Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bartleby Snopes Story Of The Month Contest

Bartleby Snopes Magazine is currently running its April Story of the Month contest. The issue is brimming with great stories. If you have time, please head over to cast a vote. My short "A Family Outing" is in the running.
Here's a direct link.
Thanks so much.


  1. It's you and me, Rohan. "Jared" is going to take you DOWN!

    Kidding. Best of luck. Mel

  2. Ha! The fight is on, Mel. There's a wonderful poetic, dream-like, and tragic quality to "Jared"--you had me at "the enamel of the tub yellowed like old bone ..." and I read on intrigued. Well done.

  3. I voted--good luck! Really nice work.

  4. Thanks a.fortis. I truly appreciate that.