Monday, June 1, 2009

A Toast to Editors!

I have some work up at the moment:

"A Painful Procedure" at the new and exciting Foundling Review. Ajay and his editorial team are working hard, thank you, and Bindu Viswanathan's photography there is stunning.

"Shedding Skins" at The Journal of Truth and Consequences. Keep up the excellent work, Miranda Merklein, Editor.

"Someday" at The Battered Suitcase. Many thanks to Fawn Neun and her tireless editorial team.

"Blinding" at elimae. Thank you, Cooper Renner. I'm thrilled to be included in this issue, brimming with stellar writers.

As a writer, I feel truly blessed that we have such a plethora of excellent ezines available to us to publish our work, and so many incredibly dedicated and diligent editors. We should have some kind of National Holiday for editors, don't you think :-)

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