Monday, June 29, 2009

A Marvellous Monday

I'm sick. I think I have the worst sore throat and chest of my life, and am voiceless. I suspect Strep or a flu. I'll wait to see which of the two sink its teeth in, and hope I can avoid going to the doctor and antibiotics. I hardly slept last night, my heart and body hurting. Still I'm celebrating. Here's why:

I finished Olive Kitteridge (took my breath away) and am now two-timing with PANK # 3 and The Rose Metal Press Field Guide To Writing Flash Fiction: Tips from Editors, Teachers, and Writers in the Field, edited by Tara L. Masih, both terrific reads.

Last night, as sick as I felt, right before what was supposed to be sleep I read Randall Brown's essay "Making Flash Count." The essay is brilliant, truly, and left me inspired and taken to task. I especially appreciated Randall's thoughts on "the encounter," "twisting expectations," "making every word count," and the "emergent precious thing."

Randall includes excerpts from one of his first flashes and another in its entirety by Myfawny Collins "I Am Holding Your Hand." I'm a long-time fan of Randall's, and the wonderful Katrina Denza first introduced me to Myfawny's memorable work, but I hadn't yet read "I Am Holding Your Hand." The flash had such a powerful effect on me I'm still reeling (hence the heart hurt mentioned above). Myfawny, I want to read everything you ever wrote. Thanks to both you and Randall for sharing your genius.

I'm also excited to have my flash "Bear In The House" go live on Writers' Bloc today. Vaughan and his team are doing Trojan work and publishing wonderful stories. I'm honored to contribute.


  1. Nice work in the latest Mud Luscious!

  2. Thanks so much, Ethel, for the kind words. Myfanwy is indeed an amazing, gifted writer. Her writing was one of my first teachers about flash fiction (and continues to be so); there's a brilliance in her work I'm still trying to reach.

  3. Randall, I'm touched and honored that you stopped by and commented. Thank you.