Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well Of A Wednesday

It's the first of July. The month of my birth. I'm asking the universe for a lot from this month. I actually asked using Roxane Gay's line from her wonderful story in The Foundling Review "please come and get me." Not take me, get me. I need to know the universe is with my writing and me.

June ended well with Steve Himmer at (So New) Necessary Fiction accepting a story. How much do I love that magazine, how greatly do I admire its contributors? That'd be a long post. Suffice to say I'm thrilled with the acceptance. There's so many people in our community I'd like to meet, to reach out through cyberspace and hug, Steve Himmer is one. He's an incredibly talented and generous editor, and seems like such a great human being. Thank you, Steve.

So, I'm grateful, and trying not to be too greedy, but I humbly repeat to the universe: it's July, it's my month of sorts, "please come and get me."


  1. Happy Birthday in advance! Here's hoping the Universe is listening.

  2. That is a good thing to ask of the universe. I love those five words.

  3. Thanks, Tanita!
    Yes, Roxane, they're powerful aren't they? Your story showed that.