Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Long Live The Short Story Online

Slush Pile Magazine just launched Issue 3 featuring Billy Collins, Rick Rofihe, Marian Brunn Smith, and David Thorpe, among other wonderful writers, editors, and poets.

Roland Goity's--Editor, LitNImage-- story "Green Lake" is a must read. A story that is as much a wonderful portrayal of place as it is of people. More, its narrator has such a vivid and compelling voice I literally couldn't look away.

"Green Lake" is packed with wit, humor, and excellent dialogue, and is also quite moving. The work explores issues of rivalry, friendship, creativity, fame, success, everyman, love, loss, urban versus small town America, and striking out on one's own. Phew! It accomplishes a lot, and I challenge anyone to read it and still claim that longer stories are not suited to online magazines and its readership. Congratulations, Roland. I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

Indeed, I enjoyed the entire issue -- truly impressive works. Congratulations also go to M. R. Branwen, Slush Pile's Editor, an incredibly savvy, accomplished, and admirable young woman. Kudos also to her wonderful editorial team. It takes a village, right?

Speaking of LitNImage, their Summer Issue just launched. My story "Zero To Sixty" is included. Thanks, Roland.

Update on the Universe and me: at the start of the month, my birthday month, I asked the Universe (quoting from a Roxane Gay story) to "please come and get me," i.e. to show up for my writing and me. Seven days into the month I've had acceptances from Keyhole Magazine (online), Southpaw Journal, and Up The Staircase, sweet! Thank you, Universe. Please keep the acceptances coming. Did I also receive rejections? Mais d'accord.


  1. Congratulations on all the recent acceptances! Your work will be in the July issue of PANK`around the 15th, too!

  2. I'm so looking forward to that, thanks Roxane.

  3. Thanks to you I've heard about so many new online zines! Wow. You'll have to let me know your secret to getting short fiction published!

  4. Yes, Roland is a great talent. The latest issue of Foundling Review seems like a feature on stalwarts! [Roland's piece there is quite intriguing!]