Friday, July 3, 2009

This And That

I finished The Field Guild To Writing Flash Fiction (Rose Metal Press), and highly recommend it. It's packed with excellent essays, exercises, and example stories. I'm almost finished PANK's exquisite # 3, and am just about to dive into keyhole Issue 7.

Have you subscribed to your favorite lit mag lately? As writers and contributors, we need to support the publications that nourish and publish us. Also have you pre-ordered Molly Gaudry's novella we take me apart from ml press yet?

My short "The Fat Lady Sings" came out of the first exercise in The Field Guide and is currently live at Everyday Genius. Adam Robinson, Editor, sent me one of the nicest acceptance letters I've ever received. Thanks, Adam! We love Publishing Genius Press and Everyday Genius.

I'm in Keyhole (online) too, thank you Universe and Peter Cole. I'm psyched.

I also have work currently in mud luscious, Writers' Bloc, The Oddville Press, and The Houston Literary Review.


  1. Great post; congrats on all your successes! And thank you for the plug.


  2. Very impressed with 'Next To The Gutter'. All those notes running up to a great finish, like in a song.

  3. Thanks so much Molly and Frank Dahai. Frank, I so appreciate you stopping by and your kind words.