Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting Genuine

Randall Brown over at kindly invited me to write a post for his Monday Guest Blogger spot. It went live this morning. Thanks, Randall, for the opportunity, and more importantly for providing, an excellent and ever expanding resource for our flash community.


  1. Great work, Ethel.

    On a side note, your photo reminds me of Emily Watson, which is good, because EMILY WATSON ROCKS!

    ...and so do you.

  2. Nice post, Ethel. And I really liked your nine writing rules.

  3. Hi Mel and Andrew,

    Thank you!!!

  4. Hi Ethel, This piece made me feel good. Well done. That's cool you mentioned Kim Chinquee -- she was my professor last year. She's great. And so are you. Keep up the good work...