Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Big Break

I'm waiting for something exciting to happen on the writing front. Something to give, you know? Something I can celebrate, toast over, and I'm thinking more champagne than bread. Universe, are you listening? Won't someone bring it on, please? I'm ready. I'm long ready.


  1. Oh gosh, I hear ya! It's funny to read this as I have been feeling similarly, like c'mon...
    Hope you get your something soon.

  2. Thanks, Sara! C'mon, c'mon for us all! I hope you get your something soon too.

  3. Ethel, my friend Penina and I have a deal that a rejection from an editor--snailmail with personal comments, or an e-mail rejection that sounds in any way personalized (harder to sniff out)--deserves a glass of wine. But I'm with you on aiming higher. Glad the New Year is around the bend for those "how I did last year" lists and "how I'd like to do this year" lists. I foresee Big Deal news, inevitably...