Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sparrows and Bears

Grey Sparrow Journal's Issue 2 is out and it's really something! Treat yourself to the read. From its photography to its state-of-the-art aesthetics to the outstanding writing it's truly setting the bar ever higher for online journals.

The issue includes Elizabeth Creith, Frank Dahai, Timothy Gager, Howie Good, Meg Pokrass, Michelle Reale, Bill Frank Robinson, and the editor's choice for this issue, Joe Young, among many others. The issue also introduced me to the work of Iris Macor. I especially enjoyed her second flash "If It's All The Same To You." Very nicely done, Iris.

Congratulations all round to the editors and contributors alike, stellar stuff.

I have a blog essay up today at PANK. You can read "Motherhood, Writing, And Wrestling Bears" here. There's also essays from Teresa Houle and Angi Becker Stevens. Thanks PANK for giving us the space to sound our voices.

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  1. It was lovely sharing Pankblog space with you! I think in particular your comment about having to defend the identity of "working mother" is so, so true. When you go out and work 9-5, I think there's a lot more outside awareness of what you're juggling.
    Also, we're big fans of mother/daughter bonding over bright nailpolish around here, too :)