Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where To Begin With The Greatness?

Wow! There's a staggering amount of great writing just off the virtual presses:

Check out Flashfiction.net and Randall Brown's succinct and spot-on Flash notes.

Next, head on over to Issue 26 of Smokelong Quarterly. The line-up of writers is exceptional: Shaindel Beers, Myfanwy Collins, Lydia Copeland, Michael Czyzniejewski, Nadine Darling, Will Donnelly, Kathy Fish, Sherrie Flick, Alyson Foster, Foust, Steven Gullion, Tiff Holland, Jamie Iredell, Beverly A. Jackson, Jeff Landon, Tara Laskowski, Pamela Painter, Ellen Parker, Lauren M. Spencer, Angi Becker Stevens, S.A. Tranter, Kevin Wilson, and Joseph Young. Phew!

I'm still reading through the Issue and loving it so far. It's a special Issue, the last with Randall Brown as Lead Editor. He's devoting himself to Flashfiction.net, his MFA students at Rosemont College, and no doubt his own indelible writing. Congratulations, Randall.

mud luscious Issue 9 is also just out. And it's just that: LUSCIOUS. Congratulations to J.A. Tyler and all the issue's contributors: Mel Bosworth, Andrea DeAngelis, Roxane Gay, Steven J. McDermott, Cortney McLellan, Richard Osgood, David Peak, Meg Pograss, Kimberly E. Ruth, Bradley Sands, Peter Schwartz, Gregory Sherl, Zachary Tyler Vickers, and Kate Wyer. Double Phew!

JMWW is also new, and another must-read. It's got Matt Bell high-fiving stories from Everyday Genius (hear, hear), and stories from Kyle Hemmings and Corley Mesler and many more, and poetry from Amy MacLellan among others. There's also a biography and book reviews! Yes, yes, I'm biased because I'm already such a big fan, but check out Roxane Gay's "His Name Is." Congratulations go to Jen Michalski, JMWW's Editor-In-Chief, and to David Erlewine, JMWW's newly-appointed Flash editor, on this impressive Fall Issue.


  1. Thanks for the shoutout(s) and the heads up, re: Smokelong Quarterly. I too am enjoying the issue.

  2. Thanks so much Nicolle, Jeremy, and Roxane for stopping by :-)

  3. Your eyes move faster than mine, Ethel. Tell me what you eat!

    Great job on tossing out the shouts and keeping up with...everything.

  4. Funny, Mel, the past couple of days I've been feeling awful, thought I was coming down with something, and now realize I'd just exhausted. I need to slow down and rest! It really is impossible to do as much reading as I'd like to and to support all the great writers and journals out there too.

  5. Ethel, thanks so much. You're a star.

  6. Oh, excellent! I just saw that Wrong Tree got the Three Little Pigs story! Wait, is that the one I loved on fictionaut? I think so. I'm tired. Need sleep. Um, uh, your publishing creds are astounding. David

  7. Hey, David! Thanks so much for visiting. My "publishing creds are astounding?????" You're the star.