Monday, November 16, 2009

A Good Buoy Is Hard To Find

Last week I finished Dan Chaon's AWAIT YOUR REPLY. Nothing could have pulled me away from those last forty pages. Nothing. Okay, my daughters' needs could have, but that's it. I give AWAIT YOUR REPLY two thumbs and all my toes up.

Next, I look forward to reading Nuala Ni Chonchuir's short short story collection, NUDE. More on that soon.

In a perfect world, I could nap right now.

Mel Bosworth is RAZZ-TASTIC.

Recently, I've received four encouraging rejections from print magazines I greatly admire: hand-written notes from editors inviting me to send more work. I'm grateful. I'm encouraged. I am. I'm also disappointed and frustrated. One response was for a submission I sent over 200 days ago. It's possible I will be ninety or expired before I hit jackpot. ALMOST in this instance hurts. It's like getting five numbers in the LOTTO. It feels not like coming in second, but like coming in second LAST.

On a brighter note, PANK November is with us. I have yet to read the entire issue. Thus far Ravi Mangla's "Summit" most touched me. Ravi can write. The tenderness and delightful quirkiness in his work reminds me of Myfawny Collins's wonderful writing.

The November Collagist is also with us. Thus far I've only read Chad Benson's "Amazing Peter"--a story that feels just right for November/Thanksgiving. I LOVE the last line.

Here's my last line for this post; alas if feels most uninspired:

I need something nice to happen to me.


  1. niceness will come to, ethel, in the form of a soft hat or a bowl of fruit....or something. Niceness will come.

    thanks for the shout.

  2. nice things:

    you are a lovely and delightful person, a fantastic writer (and reader!) and evan's story about us will go up in the examiner momentarily. and you met curious george!!

    (and yes, ravi can write. that story is yet one more mangla beauty.)

  3. Thanks, Mel! Alas a bowl of fruit and soft hat won't do it for me. But last night's sunset was spectacular.

    You're so welcome, Ravi. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Lauren! Thank you :-) And thanks again for inviting me to read on Saturday. I had so much fun. You did a fantastic job. I'm a bad person: I can't be content with fruit, hats, or even Curious George. I want MORE.