Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The World According to Ethel

BIO is a dirty, three letter word.

Obsessively/compulsively checking one's blog, twitter and email accounts, others' blogs, in particular HTMLGiant, Fictionaut, Duotrope, Google Reader, and Zoetrope Virtual Studio can drive one insane.

This is funny. Or maybe it's sad.

This is sobering. I LIKE Lee Klein.

Meg Pokrass's first ever chapbook LOST AND FOUND, a collection of her elimae stories, (with stunning artwork by Cooper Renner) is now available here.

Sending out repeated calls for guest posts to my blog and getting little response does not mean that I am unloved.

The need to write is a gift. The need to be published is an affliction.

Repeated rejection can be soul-destroying, or at the very least depressing.

A snapshot of my mind on a good day: Happiness is a choice, like ranch or thousand island.

A snapshot of my mind on a bad day: Yeah right.

This is a bad day.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I read you. That statement about the need to be published is an affliction would make an interesting post in and of itself. Keep putting down words!

  2. I love your writing, Ethel. It boggles my mind that you get rejected sometimes. It takes me a few days to get over rejections, but I always go back to writing.

    And I do obsessively check my email...need to get over that.

  3. Thanks, Brad, I deeply appreciate that.

    Thanks so much, Aubrie :-) I'm fine with rejection, it's all part of the territory. It's the rejection, again and again, for work that I deeply believe in that hurts. The soldered iron door of the "bigger" magazines that's so discouraging.

  4. You will crack the bigger magazines. It's a question of holding on. Hold tight. I'm in the midst of a rejectin spree mysef so I empathize.

  5. you are a brilliant writer and should stay the course ha ha look who is talking

    you are loved

    heh, lee klein's rejections include about 9 of mine

  6. Ethel--. love your site. would love to guest post for you--just struggling to get the time to post to my own. I see it as healthy--the urge to publish--all pieces of it matter, the solitary writing, the headbanging checking of sites (been there), and the headlong rush into the public eye. With company...like you.

  7. Thanks, Tania! I felt your note hug me. I'm sending you a virtual hug right back.