Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An Eventful Couple of Days

Remember those white feathers I saw inexplicably fall outside my kitchen window two days ago? Nice things are happening:

I awoke this morning to read this from Doug Paul Case about my micro "Gold" published in Wigleaf earlier this year. Thank you, Doug!

Meg Pokrass interviewed me for the fantastic series "Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story on a Postcard." My "life story" went live today. I'm honored to be included in this series, thanks, Meg and Michael, although frankly it was a painful exercise.

My short "Parched" is up at Wilderness House Literary Review. Thank you, Tim Gager.

My short "Hanging on the Telephone" is live at Mannequin Envy. Thank you Jennifer and Jai. I wish you all every success as you move forward beyond Mannequin Envy, and am sad to see you go.

I received a personal rejection from Anderbo.com, thank you. Surely this is concrete evidence that there's a shift in the universe?

As of January, I will host a new blog and website at ethelrohan.com

Mood gauge right now: deep gratitude.


  1. great way to close down 2009, ethel. mucho congrats.

    and you're moving into a new blog? make sure you don't scratch the furniture.

    see you next year.

  2. An amazing response to your lifestory postcard, Ethel. No surprise. You inspire and amaze.

  3. WordPress is such a nicer platform to work with; you'll enjoy your new place!

    I have so much admiration for how you hit the ground running already this year. Can't wait to check these out.

    happy new year!

  4. Congrats on all the recent good news -- a great way to end the year. And I agree about "Gold"; it's a true gem, Ethel.

  5. Many, many thanks, Tanita and Andrew. I love your interest and support.