Thursday, December 3, 2009

just thinking out loud ...

If we nurture our creative “weirdness,” does it make us weird(er) in general?

If we continue to push and mold language a la Joyce/Beckett/Butler/Lovelace do we devalue or add value to the English language (as opposed to literature) as we know it?

Do we choose what to write about or does it choose us?

How much faster will my eyesight deteriorate because I read so much online?

Why would a writer submit to a magazine and tell the editor that their work probably isn’t a good fit for the magazine, but they thought they’d enjoy the read?

If I write the wish onto my vision board, will someday PANK or Keyhole or Coop Renner publish, and design/paint the cover for, my (chap)book?

Will the next generation write solely in text shorthand/tweets?

If we are what we repeatedly do (Aristotle) why aren’t we all food, or worse?

Why am I blogging more these days than writing/living?

For those of you who’ve wondered: I am real. I do dislike a LOT of writing. Why put my energy there?

If I’m a pacifist, why do I think there should be more golf club-wielding women in the world a la Elin Nordegren?

Why, oh why, can’t we touch the sky? Just once.


  1. Ethel, I just wrote your name on a list.

  2. That Beckett/Joyce question is a good one. Good, good, good one...

  3. Wonderful musings, Ethel.

    I think nurturing our weirdness makes us more honest and more human.

    The writing chooses us. Definitely.

    Here here to the golf club-wielding women of the world!

  4. Peter, I'm intrigued, and honored that you visited and commented.

    Visitor, thank you for the wisdom. I know you're right. It's hard, is all.

    Tanita, you're so good, good, good, to keep stopping by.

    Mitzi, thanks for engaging. I know for sure my writing (and reading) make me more honest and human, and I agree with the rest too :-)

  5. Excellent questions, Ethel. I think nurturing our weirdness is how we develop our individuality and "voice" - in writerly terms.

    If you are true to your voice and nurturing your weirdness - you probably don't contemplate the trends or your addition or subtraction to the value of literature in our generation (at the time you are creating) - you are most likely - dancing with syllables and writing from your spirit - and spirits don't live in boxes; do they? I like to think they are impossible to confine or define.

    For what its worth - I really dig your spirit and how it dances on paper/screen. :)

    I wouldn't be shocked to discover you just spoke your dream of that chapbook into existence.

  6. “If we nurture our creative “weirdness,” does it make us weird(er) in general?” — In lots of ways, I hope so...

    “Do we choose what to write about or does it choose us?” — I don’t think we choose our ideas, since they just happen despite will, but we choose which ones to accept and which to reject. We’re our own editors, I guess...

    “Why am I blogging more these days than writing/living?” — We are a mirror, Ethel...