Friday, October 30, 2009

Fridays Are Fine

I like Fridays. I have always liked Fridays. I guess that's called conditioning. Our school's Book Fair is over. It was a very successful and fun event. Now I need to play catch-up with all other things literary.

You have to love Google alerts (something I only recently discovered). Otherwise I wouldn't have known that Everyday Genius published my short "Rights of Passage." I didn't receive a response on this submission and feared the worst. Obviously my acceptance went astray. I'm so happy to once again contribute to this great magazine. Thank you, Adam Robinson, and EG's October's guest editor, Lee Rourke. Have you ordered Adam's poetry collection ADAM ROBISON AND OTHER POEMS from Narrow House yet? Order Here.

Here's an interesting audio interview with Jurgen Furth on Fictionaut and the Future of the Literary Journal over at Media Bistro.

Happy Halloween All!


  1. Another great piece, Ethel. Keep them coming...

  2. Fantastic writing, Ethel- you really captured the pain and that surreal feeling of initial shock of loss - it is almost an out of body experience. The sword and flowers in the snow were perfect images to capture the grief.

  3. Finding yourself published must have been a nice surprise!

    The sword running her through - what an apt description of loss...

  4. Thanks all. You make me smile.