Monday, October 19, 2009


I feel fried. Early last week I got hit with a stomach bug, followed by a nasty cold. I'm almost over the cold now, thankfully, but am exhausted. It's just under a week since my last post, and yet so much has happened in our community in those few days my head is in a spin. I can't possibly comment or post on it all, sorry! Here are a few highlights:

New issue of The Collagist. Check out Roxane Gay's "La Negra Blanca."
October issue of PANK which is as awesome as ever.
New DecomP!
New FriGG!
>kill author Issue 3. Yes!

Roxane Gay's, David Erlewine's, and Mel Bosworth's work seems to be everywhere these days, and deservedly so. Check out RG's blog here, DE's blog here, and MB's blog here for more details.

PANK nominated Rachel Yoder's "Letters to my First Love," and Molly Gaudry's "Beneath Mosquito Netting I Imagine" for the Pushcart Prize. Congratulations to you both.

PANK also nominated the following for Dzanc's Best of the Web 2010 Anthology: Lauren Becker, Steven J. McDermott, Brandi Wells, Erin Fitzgerald, and Ravi Mangla. Fantastic news. Well done everyone.

New Thirst For Fire is live with an impressive line-up of writers.

I'm also live at the Foundling Review alongside the wonderful Tony Maltezos, thank you Ajay and Anupama. Live too at DOGZPLOT Flash, thank you, Barry Graham.

"Do I Really Love You" is the result of an exercise I tried from Randall Brown's great site on the use of zeugma. I had fun with this one, but feel sure I'm finished with Zeugma. Its use calls too much attention to language and the author, especially in such a small piece.

Don't forget Black Lawrence Press's Chapbook Contest. Submissions for a collection of poems or short stories are due October 31.

Now I've got a LOT of rest and reading to catch-up on. Carry on!


  1. Thanks for the shout and congrats on your safe landings as well, Ethel. You're ubiquitous too, sick or no sick.

    Speaking of sick. Get rest. Get better.

  2. I hope you feel better, Ethel. Sickness seems to be stretching across the continent as my house has it too.

  3. You did NOT write a DP flash?!?! I'm going over there now to see for myself.

  4. ah rodent combat. makes sense. "You smell of grass and rage." That's gold. lovely work.

  5. Thanks so much for all the mentions, Ethel. I always appreciate your support of my work as well as that of PANK. I too have to get reading!

  6. Wow, take it easy, Ethel. I'm just getting over something weird myself that came with five days of fevers. Ugh. Hope you can now at least read!

  7. Thanks, Ethel, for the shout. Hope you're feeling better. Great pieces in Dogz and Foundling! Your blog is wonderful. d