Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No More Up-Dos, etc. etc. etc.

for me. Yesterday, I had my hair cut short, colored dark chocolate, and highlighted with chunks of gold. I was just in that mood, you know?

Chick Lit
I hate that term. Anyone else?

About to Take Off
I feel really good about where I am as a writer right now: I've grown and worked hard. I show-up every day to write and read. I hope to get better and better.

Here, There, Everywhere
That's Eric Beeny these days. Congratulations, Eric! Check out his blog for more information here.

Keeping It Reale
Emprise Review just nominated Michelle Reale's and Steven J. McDermott's work from Volume 10 for the Dzanc Book's 2010 Best of the Web Anthology. Congratulations, Michelle and Steven :-)


  1. Ooh, I'd love to see the hair. Is that your natural color, or is it kind of a paler auburn like you used to wear? You're brave. I'd have to bleach my hair to do anything with it, but I may see if I can dye it burgundy, just because.

    I LOATHE the term chick lit. Too many books are lumped into it. Not every book for women has Jimmy Choos and a thirtysomething working for a publisher, and not every book with those things is necessarily bimbette lit, but it all gets tossed in the same box.

    I take joy in your confidence today. I've struggled but eeked out that one new chapter. And now I'm going to go to bed with a novel. Not chick lit. But maybe some bodice ripping and heavy breathing. ;) Chicks don't do that, women do.

  2. I hate the term chick lit. It's so disparaging. I don't like that whole genre of fluffier stories but many do. Sexist crap to call it chick lit.

    And I have every confidence that with your words you will be soaring anytime now.

  3. Tanita, I love you. Go Burgundy!

    Sara, disparaging exactly! Thank you for your kind words. I so appreciate your support.

  4. can't wait to see the new 'do on sunday! thanks for advertising. looks like we'll have a great turnout!

    for some reason, the term "chick lit" doesn't bother me. maybe because it reminds me of chiclets gum, which i enjoyed as a child. :-)the word "literally", however, makes me want to scream.

    i am so happy to hear you're feeling good about your writing. you SHOULD feel good about it. you are a true joy to read. keep it up! (the writing and the confidence!)

  5. Big thanks for the shout out, Ethel. I'm happy you're feeling better, and your hair sounds really nice. Good luck with the reading, and have fun...

  6. Ethel, congrats on the hair---you GO! And a big thank you, thank you, thank you for being so generous and spotlight writers and their accomplishments. "Keeping it Reale" made me smile on a day I really, really needed the boost!!!